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The Call of Duty Wiki's homepage.

About the Wiki  ★ 

The Call of Duty Wiki is a very well known Wiki throughout the Wikia community. Providing an excellent sense of 'well being'. The colours are well presented and go well together, making it an excellent navigation tool.

Chat Experience  

The Call of Duty Wiki's chat is usually quite user friendly. Provides a feeling of happiness and is an excellent community. However, due to it not being as strict as some other chats, it can lead to talking about jokes that SOME users may find a little uncomfortable to discuss. However, if you need help with Call of Duty, go to the chat, they honestly give fantastic advice.


The administrative team are almost always active. They are constantly on the ball and provide answers to most of your questions. Backing up the chat moderators, the administrators are usually around in chat making sure that it is a nice enviornment to be in. They also contribut a lot to their Wiki showing nothing but pure passion which is what everyone wants to see when they go to a Wiki.

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