In chat and outside of chat (meaning all around this wiki), I say we shouldn't allow cuss words. First of all..

  1. In general use, If we said them, we would be making a bad impression of ourselves. We want to be good role models to other users! Otherwise, user wouldn't want to join. Surely we can think of other, and better words to use than cuss words, right? It's not hard at all to give a few seconds and use a different word.
  2. Using it to describe other users in a negative way shows that you really can't respect others. If we can't respect others, we can't be a friendly community.

In chat so far I've seen it's been friendly but I want this rule to be made and enforced so it'll stay friendly.

Take your time to think about what I said. Be honest, and spread your opinion on what you think! Thank you. :)